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Commissioned Quilts

Getting an estimate for a custom commissioned quilt isn't as easy as punching a few numbers into a form. The cost of the project is dependent on many factors including size, complexity, quilting, etc. If you wish to get a quote on a custom quilt, please visit my Commission Service page for details.

Shop Samples

I would love to work with you to create a shop sample to display in your quilt shop! Please contact me so we can work out the details.

Quilting Service

These estimates are for informational purposes only. The prices quoted below are for quilting service alone based on the measurements you enter. I will measure your quilt before I begin quilting and will calculate my fees based on the measurements I take. Minimum charge for quilting: $50.00.

These estimates do not include costs of batting, thread, return shipping, or other service fees. If you have any questions or concerns about these other charges, please contact me so we can discuss them.

Please round up your quilt's height and width to the nearest whole inch. This will give you a more accurate estimate.

Quilt Width: inches
Quilt Height: inches

Edge-To-Edge Quilting ($0.017/in²):
Cost estimate:

Simple Custom Quilting ($0.030/in²):
Cost estimate:

Complex Custom Quilting ($0.040/in²):
Cost estimate:

Basting for Hand Quilting ($0.010/in²):
Cost estimate:

Binding ($0.015/in):
Cost estimate:


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