Mystery Quilt #1
National Quilting Day - March 21, 2009

This is a quick and easy mystery quilt designed for National Quilting Day. Throughout the day, new clues will be posted. By the end of the day, the final clue will be posted. And here's a teaser... I will give you two different ways to finish the quilt! Or you can choose your own! It's all up to you. :)

Fabric Requirements Clues
The following fabric requirements are given in yardage, but feel free to use up your scraps! Note that the focus fabric should coordinate well with your light, medium, and dark color choices, as should your border fabric.

At your request, here are the fabric samples I used when I designed this mystery quilt. I know that medium #2 is kinda light here, it's up to you how light or dark of a medium you use here. (How's that for a confusing statement LOL!)

Light fabric: 3/8 yard
Medium fabric #1: 1/4 yard
Medium fabric #2: 1/4 yard
Dark fabric: 1/8 yard
Focus fabric: 1/8 yard
Border fabric: 3/8 yard
Click here for Clue #1.

Click here for Clue #2.

Click here for Clue #3.

Click here for Clue #4 - the final clue!