Clue #6

Using the five Large Turnstile Blocks you made in Clue #3 and the four Tulip Nine Patch Blocks you made in Clue #5, assemble the center of your quilt as shown.

From your coordinating striped print, cut out 4 strips 2½" x WOF and sew them to the outer edge of your quilt center. This will be your inner border. (Sorry about the side pieces on my sample, I haven't figured out how to get EQ6 to turn the fabrics yet.)

From your multicolored floral print, cut 4 strips 6½" x 40½". Sew one each side of the quilt top as shown.

With the two remaining strips of your multicolored floral print, sew one of the four Small Turnstile Blocks you made in Clue #3 to each end as shown.

Sew one of these border pieces to the top of your quilt, and the other to the bottom of your quilt. Voila, your top is done! Layer with batting and backing, quilt as desired. Use the remaining coordinating striped print for your binding.

This concludes Mystery 7. I hope you enjoyed it!